Topic: RME Baby Face Pro FS Return Policy

Dear all ,
Merry Christmas,
I have a quick question regarding the RME products return policy since I am being refused for return of a newly (3 days ) purchased Baby Face Pro FS  by the dealer . I did not register the product on my name or anything . I purchased it to use with the Smule app on my ipad ( I know it is too much for Smule) and I told to the dealer before hand that I will be using it with the ipad. It seemed that there is not much difference  with other sound interfaces like FRite , Audient and SSL2+ with Smule.

The dealer says that there is a software with the unit ( I guess RME )  which I downloaded it to be able to try and therefore they can not accept return and of course refund. I found this unacceptable and wanted to ask to the community if there is a such return policy with the RME products ? By the way I am in Istanbul , Turkey. Thank you all.


Re: RME Baby Face Pro FS Return Policy

Sounds like some misunderstanding on both sides. First RME does not take units back - because we didn't sell them. Your dealer did, and it is his decision if he gives you that opportunity or not.

Second the dealer might be talking about the iPad app which costs a few bucks and obviously he can't refund that. All other software of the BF Pro is free, and therefore no reason to issue such a statement.

Matthias Carstens