Topic: Mono Block Schiit Aegir set-up

Do you know if it is possible to run a mono-block (2 x Schiit Aegir) setup from the ADI-2 DAC balanced outputs? Is anyone using the Aegir in this way? Or via the SE outputs?

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Re: Mono Block Schiit Aegir set-up

Yes, with XLR balanced connection only, as Aegir relies on the balanced (-) pin 3 to feed it’s inverted (-) rail.

Funny idea BTW, usually a force-balanced-circuit circumvents that necessity.

See Aegir manual:

1 and 2 Speaker Outputs. When using Aegir as a mono amp, connect your speaker to the two top red terminals only. Right is “+”, and left is “-”. Please note both of these are active outputs—do not ground one of them!
3 XLR Input. Connect a balanced source (usually a preamp) using a high-quality XLR cable. It’s important that the preamp is truly balanced for proper operation.

RME ADI-2’s XLR output is truly balanced.

Re: Mono Block Schiit Aegir set-up

Thanks for the quick reply. I will start saving for the new addition.