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Hi have a question about the Digiface Dante,
I love it and it’s work fine. But my Question is more a fallback question.
If my Mac will be crashed in a live session, then I will be a Fallback that some inputs routes to the direct Output.
In my situation I used the Digiface with a Plug-in Live Processing tool, and some of this Plugins are in my console as a insert or in the End of the line as a Mastering tool.
So when my Mac crash (it doesn’t happens big_smile) I want that some of these passtrought the Audio.


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Page 44 the Digiface does not store Totalmix settings inside.
But it does not say what will happen when the mac crashes.
As long the device is under power, it will probably keep working ?
I don't know. I have the Digiface USB, it is not the same.
But you can do a test and find it out.
Connect your unit with the power supply and the computer and let some music running. Then disconnect the USB cable and see what happens.
A fallback programming with Totalmix is not possible afaik.
Your device is delivered with external power supply, you should use it every time.
The Digiface USB has no external power connection, only USB.
I can't perform this test.
I would love to hear the test result.

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Hi, yes I know I read also.
But I will try.
A other question, maybe someone have it ever try. I didn’t work so much with Madi. What’s happen when I use a loop cable between tx and rx?
The interface works in the standalone mode as a converter Dante In > Madi Out; Madi In > Dante Out. With a loop cable for Madi there will be all the channel pass through in and out right?


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Should be. Never tried this, though, as I don't know what it would be good for.

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