Topic: HDSPe Madi FX not showing up on Windows 10

Hi all!

I ran into this problem when trying to connect my laptop (Huawei MateBook Pro X) to a HDSPe Madi FX interface in a studio I went to work at (not my own space) that after installing all the relevant drivers I could not get it to show up on my computer. Scouring Google did not produce any help either.

The interface is working perfectly fine on the local Mac Mini, but will not connect to my Windows laptop.

The card is housed in an Echo Express SE 1 and thus works via Thunderbolt 3. I tried different cables, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and rebooting multiple times to no avail.

I have used RME products before (Fireface and MADIface) both of which I managed to get to work perfectly (I even tried uninstalling these drivers as well before reinstalling MADI FX drivers again, but still, no results)

It seems like the problem may be in the connection where the computer does not recognize the interface because upon connection nothing happens, but I am not sure. Also, the official instructions say that the driver should show up in device manager, but it does not in any way even though the driver is present under Apps in Windows Settings.

Has anybody faced a similar problem before? Please help! smile


Re: HDSPe Madi FX not showing up on Windows 10

Did you ever install all Thunderbolt drivers and software on this notebook (the Intel ones, not ours)? And activated Thunderbolt in the BIOS (might work without, though)? That seems the likely cause that nothing happened.

Matthias Carstens

Re: HDSPe Madi FX not showing up on Windows 10

Sorry for the late reply, but I just tried installing the Thunderbolt drivers and enabling them in BIOS (can't access the advanced settings because the computer is quite closed off to the user), but didn't manage to get it to show up, could there be some settings on the unit that makes it prefer Mac or PC? Or are there any other troubleshooting steps to try out?

Re: HDSPe Madi FX not showing up on Windows 10

I don't believe that the Huawei Matebook Pro X actually has a Thunderbolt 3 port, but rather it is equipped with USB-C ports, which are not at all the same thing. Please confirm exactly what ports are available on your computer, as a USB-C port will not be able to inter-operate with a Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis.