Topic: how to trim power amp?

A misc. question came up.

Say that I'd use a (for this case RME DAC) to send signal in a power amp that is way overpowered for my room and/or ears (but brings a fine balanced sound). I would thus have to limit the DAC output or better said the balanced line level to the amp to reach my desired listening levels.

I want NO risk of software/user/other errors resulting in a possible max output level into the amp.

As such I think of a hardware solution. I know there are DAC with analog volume control that would work reliable and never crash, but are there other options? (e.g. I thought of a passive balanced monitor level controller)

What are your thoughts or experiences?

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Re: how to trim power amp?

Hi, have a look here:


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Re: how to trim power amp?

See also this posting: … 66#p182766

This one is not too expenside and covers a good switchable range up to -30 dB:

Note: you need ~18 cm behind your power amp, 10cm for the attenuator itself and approx ~8cm for a normal, straight XLR cable not to bend it too much.

You can save a few cm by using an angled XLR plug, like e.g. these from Neutrik: … /rx-series

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Re: how to trim power amp?

Thanks for recommending!
As note to self: I've checked my amp @ 0db gain and for comfortable listening I trim -50dB in Totalmix.

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