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Is there any performance differences between RME HDSPe PCI Express Card for Multiface II and the regular HDSP PCI version?

Iā€™m going to build a newer system and would like to get at least one more round with my Multifaceted II if possible. Of course PCI is a thing of the past so options are limited unless I get a HDSPe card then I believe I could still use my Multifaceted II

Is anyone using the RME HDSPe PCI express card with Multiface II and Windows 10? Any advice on this setup would be greatly appreciated.

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I may not be answering your question, but I have just acquired a HDSPe pcie card with digiface - I believe comparable and exchangeable with multiface/multiface ii breakouts.

Works well for me on win10 - but I still have an older system with one pci slot, as I used a 9632 until recently. I bought the pcie for the same reason - future proofing in case of inevitable upgrades.


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I have no clue how you want to use an ExpressCard with a 'new system'? Those don't have such. There are no performance differences, it's both PCIe. But there are reports that under latest Windows old notebooks loose the function/reliability of their ExpressCard slots.

Matthias Carstens

Re: PCI vs PCI express

Is there confusion between laptop expresscards and desktop pci/pcie cards here? I assumed it was about the latter.