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Topic: Need help setting up MadifaceUSB and Ferro


I'm trying to set up a new MadifaceUSB and a new Ferrofish16MX via Madi/USB to my Windows 10 desktop to run in Pro Tools 12 at 96. MFUSB is plugged into the Desktop and the Ferrofish and MFUSB are connected via the Madi cable that came with the new MFUSB.

I'm pretty sure I ran all the required drivers and restarted the computer, the MFUSB, and the Ferrofish. "driver_madiface_win_09747"

Pro Tools lets me open the program, which it will not let me do unless it sees an interface. When I play audio in Pro Tools the TotalMix shows levels in Main and Input 1/2 (but not output 1/2) when in Digital Audio Workstation view/mode. I can open the MFUSB settings from the system tray. Oddly the 1 and 2 channels in the Hardware Output of TotalMix are not even there.

I updated the MADI and MASTER settings in the Clock Source to be 96 on the FF.

Clock Mode in the MFUSB is currently set to Internal. Should it be Optical? Input status says Madi Optical sync at 96.  Output Format is 96k Frame.

Pro Tools has the audio output set to MADI 1/2. When I click on the audio output of a track it only gives me out options up to 9/10 instead of 15/16.

However, Windows 10 does not show the MFUSB in Sounds and from what I can tell the MFUSB doesn't see the Ferrofish. sad

I would like to run output channels 15 (L) and 16 (R) out as Main mix via 1/4 inch speaker cable to my subwoofer that goes to the Yamaha monitors or to a mixer that will go to the subwoofer. 1-14 channels I would like to use for outboard gear pres, comps, eq, etc. I would also like to use the headphone out on the Ferrofish that goes to a headphone mixer. I'm not the best with TotalMix and probably need help configuring that, but I need to get Windows to see the MFUSB and the MFUSB to see the Ferrofish first.

Thanks for any suggestions and your time.

Re: Need help setting up MadifaceUSB and Ferro

There can only be one master clock in a setup, either the Madiface USB or Ferrofish 16 MX.
The Ferrofish can surely get it's clock over it's MADI input.

It has an operational advantage if you set the recording interface to act as clock master, then it can learn the clock from the DAW and distribute it further on digital outputs and WC (word clock) to other connected devices.

It might be the case that switching of the clock only works well in single speed between 44.1/48 kHz, because the connected device can not detect double and quad speed, because this works by channel bundling. Same with word clock.
Can only work with a SPDIF or AES port which supports truely 44.1-192 kHz without the use of channel bundling.
In this case you need to adjust clock rate at your clock slaves manually for all cases that do not work perfect.

When configuring MADI, then you need to take care of two things on both (!) devices:
- MADI format / number of channels: choose 64
- MADI frame: choose e.g. 96k frames

See manual ch 7.1, 8.5, 28.5 regarding clock and MADI settings.

Once the communication is proper you can start with routing audio to the Ferrofish.

Regarding TM FX operation pls see the information in e.g. this thread and read the sticky posting mentioned there which leads you to TM FX tutorial videos and an example for a step by step 1st time setup.
  https://forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.ph … 94#p185994

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Re: Need help setting up MadifaceUSB and Ferro

Thank you for the reply.

I've been able to set it up halfway. Quite frustrating.

The ferrofish and the Madiface are both set to 96 and they are synced per both the front of the FF and in the MF settings. Ferrofish says Madi 96 on the front and MFace has 96 set up. Pro tools/Windows/TMix sees the Madiface I/O in the I/O settings. 

After experimenting with the settings I am able to hear the Pro Tools playback from the Ferrofish headphones jack, but the FF 15/16 channel output I set up everywhere (Pro Tools, Windows, TotalMix, etc) will not play the mix out of my audio monitors. Furthermore, I plugged in my bass guitar to the Ferrofish and I get signal on the input of channel one on the front of the FF but I cannot get it to be recognized by a fresh armed track set to Madi 1 in Pro tools.

I've read the Madiface manual several times and tried to configure it to the instructions and have even changed almost all the parameters to experiment and still I can't get it to work. I was on the phone with Sweetwater support for two hours today and we still can't figure it out.