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Hello to the round.
I would like to use the old Babyface's headphone output as a line output via the break-out cable and at the same time use the headphone jack on the Babyface itself as a headphone output. The signals are not electrically separated, so they are identical. Which impedance, i.e. which ohm value should the headphones ideally have in order to avoid extreme volume differences? I have a choice between 150 ohms and 32 ohms for the headphones. Which one will work better here. Listened to is more speech, less music. Thanks for helpful tips and explanations. Greetings weynisse.

Re: Babyface (blue) Headphone Ohm value


What are you going to use the breakout cable's Output for? Another set of monitors, maybe?
Are you going to use your headphones, just for tracking? or mixing and mastering, as well?

If you re going to use headphones for mixing and mastering, I would go with the higher Impendance ones!
150 Ohms is nice! You could use even higher impendance! Perhaps, 250!

It, also, depends on what levels you are going to use!
A "rough" explanation is that higher impendance headphones are harder to be powered, so not that loud!
In consequence they do not distort, so easily!
But, when they have the power they need, they are, also, loud and clean!

Best approach would be to concentrate on your headphones, and if the signal is too loud for your other device(breakout cable), you could use a pair of passive attenuators between that Output and the other device!

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