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Hey there,

I got a babyface (older version from 2014) and I used to run it on an older Mac. I now connected it to my new MBA with Monterey and M2 chip via USB 3 and installed the latest driver (macOS 11/12 USB Series Driver, Version 3.27).

However, the interface is not listet in my macbook's audio menu and accordingly the TotalMix window wouldn't pop up when I open it.

Is the driver already adapted to the operating system and the new chip? And if no when do you plan to update the driver?




Re: TotalMix on Monterey and M2

Did you follow the special instructions in the readme for Apple Silicon?

You could also directly jump to the latest driver here:

but need to flash the firmware first as described here:

Matthias Carstens

Re: TotalMix on Monterey and M2

Hi MC,

thanks for your reply!

It worked following the instructions for Apple Silicon in the readme of the latest driver. I wasn't aware I had to change settings in the Recovery Mode before installation. Thanks so much! I am happy to use the interface on my new MBA now!

Have a good weekend.