Topic: totalmix faders unresponsive

Hello all, came back to my computer today, switched it on, only to find my faders are unresponsive. I can't move any of the input faders.
On the main fader, I can only adjust the software playback faders. If I go to a phone channel, I can move the software faders up and down, but that only affects the main level. I see a second arrow at the bottom, which I can not adjust. I am on submix mode, not free mode.
Anyone that can help? Been using my UFXII for 8 years now, never encountered anyting like it. (Mac Mini M1, but over a year already, and it worked fine until today)

Re: totalmix faders unresponsive

I think it might have something to do with the trim button. I am unable to disable the trim buttons on the tracks. They are lit on every track. I suppose this is not normal?

Re: totalmix faders unresponsive

You've obviously enabled trim mode. Just click trim again (on the right in "show" menu)
Manual 25.5.1 "View Options"

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Re: totalmix faders unresponsive

it can also happen when you switch off the interface and on again later - TotalMix gets stuck sometimes.  try exiting TotalMix and restarting it (easiest way on Windows is to create a shortcut to it, it's stored in C:\Windows\System32\TotalMixFX.exe)