Topic: TotalMix FX Public Beta 1.80 Beta 1 for Windows and Mac available

Because the latest internal beta of our next TM FX release (1.80) includes an already requested fix for Mac users we make it available now, here. Update: and Windows as well.

Fix: Using the ARC USB to close/open the TM FX window had unexpected side effects under Ventura.

Fix: Open mixer settings, select OSC tab, close dialog, open ARC settings - no reaction

Improved: Crash detection, to ensure the last saved state is loaded after a crash (usually worked under Mac, improved scheme needed mainly for Windows).

Added: the ARC USB can now control the makeup gain of the mic channel's Dynamics section.

Added: all encoder functions are now also available as 'Push' mode (only active as long as the button is pressed).

Version 1.80 also has extended OSC support. The updated OSC table is an extra download. Changes:

- new in Page 1: CUE control as channel dependent function, control of link speaker B, and the direct selection of a channel in Page 2 as a start offset of Page 1.

- new in 'none paged' page: added setOffsetInBank and loadQuickWorkspace (these are no new functions)

The OSC table zip includes a new touchOSC template that showcases all functions.


TMFX Mac: https://www.rme-audio.de/downloads/tmfx_mac_180b1.zip

TMFX Win: https://www.rme-audio.de/downloads/tmfx_win_180b1.zip

OSC table and template: https://www.rme-audio.de/downloads/osct … fx_180.zip


Mac: Exit TotalMix FX and copy the app into the Applications folder, overwriting the old file.

Windows: Exit TotalMix FX and copy the new version into Windows\System32, overwriting the old file.

Matthias Carstens


Re: TotalMix FX Public Beta 1.80 Beta 1 for Windows and Mac available

Updated first post with Windows version.

Matthias Carstens