Topic: Tootltips in totalmix

Hi. Is there a way to turn on tooltips in totalmix? If it doesn't have tooltips, how do we ask RME to implement this?


Re: Tootltips in totalmix

You can post an idea of course, but I would not hold my breath. This has been suggested before, but Totalmix does seldom (never?) get UI updates.

Re: Tootltips in totalmix

Very unlikely to happen.

First, I suggest watching the superb RME YouTube videos, which do not take much time to view,
because they are well-structured, short, "to the point".
This gives you an overview of TM FX's capabilities and a good basic understanding of the mixer.

Based on that information, it's much easier to read the manual because most things are already familiar to you.

There are only a few basic operation principles, once you know then, everything is easy and straightforward.
The rest is learning by doing.

I compiled a list of setup steps in my blog, this might be of interest to you.

All this information here has been put together in this sticky posting, I suggest giving it a try:

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