Topic: sound in TotalMix but not in ableton 11. Mac M2.

Hi all,

I tried everything I could find on RME's forum, no luck.

I cannot get any sound into ableton live suite 11 although I can hear and see it in TotalMix just fine.

Set up:
I have a Fireface UC. 
Macbook pro M2
Ableton live suite 11

All worked well on my PC laptop until now and my mac before that for the past 10 years.

I just got this new mac and installed the new RME drivers and flash update on it. All went well. I did allow RME via the startup utility (the kernel thing..). All good.

Both my mac and Ableton do see the Fireface UC for input and output. Appropriate sound channels are active in Ableton. It all should work.

I even reinstalled Ableton, updated the drivers of my synth, tried with my guitar, tried input 3/4 and 5/6 of my fireface, did many reboots. I even switched the Fireface UC on Mac mode (AP instead of PC). No sound goes into Ableton.

What to do ?

Re: sound in TotalMix but not in ableton 11. Mac M2.

Try with another DAW Reaper.

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Re: sound in TotalMix but not in ableton 11. Mac M2.

Did you switch at a later point? Then you need to reinstall the drivers to get access to the Allow dialog once again.

Otherwise which firmware for UC and drivers and which OS version are used?

Matthias Carstens

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Re: sound in TotalMix but not in ableton 11. Mac M2.

Same issue here, but with Ableton 10. Any recommendations?

- I use a Fireface UC (newest firmware 128) ,
- I use the newest UC driver 407
- I definitely allowed the security question
- Ableton 10, running on rosetta
- M1 MacBook Air with OS Ventura 13.0

* Totalmix is working correctly (It connects to the sound card and I can see the input meters work when I put signals in)
* I can select the Fireface UC in Ableton as in and output device

***but no sound ever arrives in Ableton, it pretends zero input happening (on all inputs) even WHILE total mix shows input happening

***outputs work fine (I can generate sound in Ableton and route it on any Fireface Output I want, works like a charm)

(edited: also wanna add that in another audio application I can get the fireface input). will also try in Ableton forum, but maybe someone here has a hint.

issue was not related to RME. I solved it by going to MacOs security settings and allowing Ableton to use the Microphone.