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Topic: smaller / softer case for the Babyface Pro FS

Hi there,

I have tested the Babyface Pro FS in our lab, and it's there with its original hard plastic container, which I find quite horrific (low quality, not very accurate fit, too large). I'm kind of surprised that at this price point, no more thought went into a transportable case. So my guess is, most users will swap that case for a different bag or case. I saw that RME even made a soft bag for the original BF (BF-BAGBK), but the original BF was also a cm less in each dimension, so might not be a good fit.

Something tightly nicely fitting with padding, that you can safely put in a rucksack or hand luggage. Any recommendations or thoughts?

Re: smaller / softer case for the Babyface Pro FS

Well, I guessed the Wicked Chili GOP Case M would be suitable:


and indeed it works, although it could have been 1cm less wide.