Topic: Fireface UFX III Routing, ADAT & MIDI Questions

Ultra-newb questions below... apologies and a sincere thank you to anyone with the patience to answer them:

Have a brand new Fireface UFX III incoming and it will no doubt be a huge upgrade from my Audient iD14 mk2.  I intend to connect a dynamic mic to the front as well as a number of hardware synths to the rear line inputs and eventually expand analog I/O, when needed, using a Ferrofish Pulse 16 MX via MADI.

I also have a new Ableton Push (standalone) on pre-order, which has an ADAT port to receive up to 8 additional channels of audio (plus its two built-in analog inputs makes 10).  Want to make sure I fully understand how to connect all of the above.

Question 1 - In an ideal world, I would be able to easily send the overall stereo signal from the UFX III via main outputs 1 and 2 to my studio monitors, the mic signal from the front of the UFX III via output 3 to one of the Push's analog inputs, as well as the 8 line channels (my synths) from the rear of the UFX III to the Push via ADAT.  Does that sound like a realistic thing to route via TotalMix?  Are there other considerations I should keep in mind or better ways to accomplish this?

Question 2 - The above only mentions routing audio to the Push for recording/manipulating but I also have to consider routing it back from the Push, so it can reach my studio monitors, etc.  I assume that I can route the 8 synth channels back to the UFX III via the Push's ADAT out to the UFX's ADAT in.  I also assume that I can route the mic signal back to the UFX III via one of the Push's analog outputs to one of the available analog inputs on the front of the UFX III.  I again also assume/pray this can also be realistically routed via TotalMix?

Question 3 - My last question has to do with MIDI.  The Push has MIDI in/out ports and I intend to use it to sequence/sync my synths and other external gear.  My thought for the simplest way to accomplish this is to purchase a basic MIDI thru box (for example, this one: … idi-mult), send the MIDI out signal from my Push to the thru box and the synths connected to the box.  Does this sound like an ideal solution?

Feedback would be much appreciated from those more experienced.  Excited yet nervous to begin my new gear journey and feel a certain amount of responsibility to get things right with such a substantial purchase.  Thank you for your time!

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Re: Fireface UFX III Routing, ADAT & MIDI Questions

Sorry, I do not have the time to check all the details of your post, but I can give you a good overview.

TM FX offers the most flexibility.

Any HW output has a submix of its own and is configurable in submix, free-mode and matrix mode. Easiest to do in submix mode.

Click to any HW output and simply raise the fader of HW Inputs and SW Playbacks (from PC/applications) to create / fine tune the submix for any HW output according to your needs.

Audio from HW inputs is per default always passed unmodified to the application. Whenever you move faders of HW inputs or SW playbacks, then it doesn't alter the level of recorded input, the faders are only changing the submix of any HW output  / "submix".

Moreover, it is possible to record audio of every HW Output / "Submix" on the corresponding HW input by activating Loopback.

Please check the usual primers, videos, manuals … A summary, what's available where for a good start, check this sticky article in the TotalMix FX section. It's a good occasion now to prepare yourself for the arrival of the new HW, if you ordered already:

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