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Hi all,

Finally setting up my home studio and have a question regarding my RayDat.

Before connecting everything Iā€™m wondering if the SPDIF & ADAT share channels?

I have 2 Focusrite ADAT expanders locked and running at 96000 Hz (as is the RayDat obviously).

Does using the SPDIF out reduce the available channel count to 14 down from 16 please?

Many thanks.

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Re: RayDat ADAT & SPDIF Question

The coaxial SPDIF and AES port are separate / additionally.
The 4th ADAT port can be switched between ADAT and (optical) SPDIF format (see driver settings).

You can read it e.g. at the start of the manual
"2 + 2 + 32 Channels AES / SPDIF / ADAT Interface"
               ^----  4x ADAT = 32 ch
        ^---------- 1x AES = 2 ch
  ^--------------- 1x SPDIF (coax) = 2ch
===> Total: 36 in and 36 out ===> 72.

Webpage tells, 72ch interface .. 2x 36 (in and out) wink

Manual, ch 26, technical details, is also useful, the inputs and outputs are summarized/detailed there:
- ADAT, 4x

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Re: RayDat ADAT & SPDIF Question

Thank you so much, so I have 16 available in/outs plus I can use the SPDIF for a further 2 non-borrowed outputs (in this case to a DAC for monitors left and right)