Topic: Routing between 2 RME interfaces

I'm in the urge to create a digital 24 channel Multicore. We have 2 x M32 AD pro, 1 x Digiface AVB, 2 Digiface USB (plus quite some more RME staff, that unfortunately won't help here) and a digital Mixer with several ADAT inputs.
My idea is to use one of the m32 ad pro on stage and connect it with a long Ethernet cable to the Digiface AVB, which is connected to our MacBook. I would also attach one of our Digiface USB to this Mac. From there I could feed the ADAT put of our digital Mixer.

The question now is, how to route the audio from the digiface avi to the digiface USB? Is there a low latency solution for this, or do I have to go through a daw like reaper and logic?

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Re: Routing between 2 RME interfaces

You have to create an aggregate device in the Audio-Midi-Setup in the Mac and use this as the audio device in the DAW.
Yes you have to use the DAW as those interfaces do not combine into one Totalmix.

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Re: Routing between 2 RME interfaces

Or you could use virtual audio cable, something like this:

I do not have personal experience with it.

Re: Routing between 2 RME interfaces

As soon as you go through any software it will add some ms, depending on buffer size. Wouldn’t recommend that for live mixing.

Any low latency solution will require hardware, maybe look into converters, most cost effective would probably be some standalone MADI to ADAT box (if you consider Madi cabling for the stage instead of Ethernet).
Or there are also ADAT via Ethernet boxes by appsys which we use here for a similar purpose, they have been 100% reliable in a live mixing setup, but I think the 32 AD doesn’t have ADAT Outs, or? So would still require MADI>ADAT converter between.