Topic: Imac 27 + FF800 + WIindows 7 64 Bits on Bootcamp 3.1 : Audio dropouts


My configuration is : Imac 27 + FF800 (latest drivers : , version 2.9992) + WIindows 7 64 Bits on Bootcamp 3.1

I use Cubase essential 5.1 as a sequencer. In windows, the fireface works fine, no dropouts, i can play music without any problem.

But when i use cubase, i have those small dropouts, especially when i change the level on the fireface mixer.

Is there any solution to make those dropouts disappear? I heard that using an external firewire hard drive and connect the fireface to its firewire port could help. Or should I buy the firewire UC with usb?

Thanks a lot!


Re: Imac 27 + FF800 + WIindows 7 64 Bits on Bootcamp 3.1 : Audio dropouts


I managed to find a solution and now Windows Seven 64 bits works perfectly on bootcamp 31 with my new Imac 27 : no more dropouts guys !!

In fact, I realize after different tests and research that the audio dropouts occurred when i changed the level of the master in "the total mix" software. So i put the master of the total mix at 0db and decided to buy the "Presonus monitor control" hardware remote to  be able to control the level of my master without touching the software (which is by the way very practical). That results in perfect audio without any annoying noise !

I tried to load a lot of plugins in Cubase Essential 5 for more than one hour and it worked perfectly and very fast.