Topic: HDSPe clicks/pops - W7 64bit 3.08.2

I'm getting clicks and pops during normal cpu load functioning , on:

W7, 64bit, 8GB RAM, fully updated/flashed driver/card HDSPe PCIe.

Often happens when Gigastudio4 is open at SAME time as Cubase5, though NOT always (can be just when Cubase5 is used).

Does this imply applications are *trying* to gain control of the audiocard at the same time as another?

If so, how do I set the programs to NOT attempt to do this?

The above system can easily cope with normal loads, and indeed no clicks/pops were heard during running this system in Vista.

Both Cub5/GS4 run perfectly in this environs, aside from the clicks/pops.

Any thoughts please? Or need for a new driver to solve this?


Re: HDSPe clicks/pops - W7 64bit 3.08.2

updated flash11 and driver 3.08.3

i have also added a registry entry in IRQ Priority.  Valued the IRQ17 (where the HDSPe is on, together with several other devices), at "1" which is highest priority.  This has HAD SOME SUCCESS.

Although not at all consistently.  The popscliks still appear when GS4 has only 2% memory used, and the Cubase5 cpu load is nothing, and when playing just one audio file.  I think there is an issue with the two programs "sharing" the audio card while both open at same time.  If MC or others can advise me on how to allow all programs non-conflicting access to the audio driver/card, that may solve it.

Any ideas?!