Topic: FF400 as Standalone with FF800

Trying to get my FF400 to work as a standalone converter with my FF800.
Plugged the 400 to the 800 via ADAT (2 cables) and Wordclock with termination on the FF400.
Plugged it to the computer to change the settings (auto sync to ADAT) with the 800 as master - word clock - stored them.
Went to the 400's Matrix mixer view to Assign IN 1 to A1 1, IN 2 to A1 2 etc, and IN 11 to AN 1, In 12 to AN 2 and so forth.
Then Flash current mixer stage. Turned everything off, unplugged the firewire cable between the FF800 and FF400. Turned everything
back on. Basically this video, but with a FF400

The ADAT outputs from the FF800 work fine with the FF400. However, I can't get the inputs from the FF400 to the FF800. It works only if I plug a firewire cable between the two, then Totalmix sets 2 Units. Works ok, but could be complicated and I know it's not legit...

What I am doing wrong? Running this on a mac os x.5.8

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Re: FF400 as Standalone with FF800

The easiest way to get rid of a possible driver bug is to only connect the FF 400 to the computer, set everything correctly, then flash it, remove it. Switch the FF off (!). Then connect the FF 800 to the computer, set it up, connect the FF 400 via ADAT - must work.

BTW, you don't need word between the units, ADAT is enough for clocking.

Matthias Carstens

Re: FF400 as Standalone with FF800

Check the FF800 mixer - do you get metering on the ADAT 1 inputs (In 13-20)? If you're using the ADAT 2 instead, check that SPDIF is not set to Optical mode in FF800 settings.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: FF400 as Standalone with FF800

Ok, tried MC's advice (thanks), here's where I'm at;

On the standalone unit (400), I routed Input 3 to ADAT 1,3,5,7 and Input 4 to ADAT 2,4,6,8. Flashed it, removed the cable, turned off the 400. Connected the 800 then turned on the 400. Played my ipod through in 3&4 of the 400. Got metering on input 13/14, 16, 18, 20 of the FF800. All input gains on the 400 are identical @ 0db.

When I saw this, I plugged a Firewire cable between the 2 units and got signal on the 8 ADAT 1 inputs (13 to 20) of the 800. Weird... what am I missing???

I'm using the ADAT1 port, the SPDIF is set to coaxial.
Fireface Mixer and Fireface Settings applications are version 2.6.2 on mac OS X.5.8

Thanks guys, really appreciated!