Topic: Totalmix (Effects) for Fireface 400 (Driver 2.83)

I see that new driver 2.83 for fireface 400/800 has totalmix (effects) integrated, unfortunaly it's only for UC and Babyface. It's planned or possible a version for fireface too?
(Touch wood!) :-lol:
Anyway, since I usually prefer to record clean and apply effects further, it's not so a big thing, but you never know... DeadHorse
By the way, I have a question for mixer/digicheck (I know the post's title is different but..) For loopback I've understand I must click on the the bottom level with ctrl, which turns An1, An2 and so on to red. I know I must have a free input. I must ctrl-click on the free input or on the middle level also, or turning red bottom level it's enough (It's automatic)? HeadScratch

Re: Totalmix (Effects) for Fireface 400 (Driver 2.83)

No TM FX for the FF400, sorry. DeadHorse

As for the loopback - try it out... You'll learn it best that way... cool

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: Totalmix (Effects) for Fireface 400 (Driver 2.83)

I feel it a shame that TotalMix FX is not plannified for the Fireface 400.
For me as a Mac-User its more practical to use a firewire-interface and I purchased it not long ago.
Now, the Fireface UC gets TotalMix FX and the 400 or 800 not?
As I understood the Fireface UC is not much different from the FF400-version.
I would feel it as a missing Update and now I feel I should sell my FF400 to get the UC-version... :roll

Nun f?r Deutsche da ich mich da besser ausdr?cken kann.
Ich finde es wirklich schade und ein bissl unfair, dass das FF400 kein Update bekommt, sind die beiden Maschinen sich doch sehr ?hnlich. Ich habe das FF400 gekauft nachdem das UC schon drau?en war.
Sollen damit Fireface-Nutzer dazu ?berzeugt werden ihre "alten" Interface zu verkaufen um sich ein neueres Modell zu besorgen? Klar, f?r das FF800 gibt es jetzt das neuere UFX...
Es w?re definitiv sch?n, wenn sich RME doch noch f?r einen Support ebenso aktueller Interface wie dem FF400 entscheiden k?nnte.
Das Fireface UC ist ja schlie?lich kein Update des FF400 und soll dies auch nicht ersetzen oder?
Und k?nnte es Gr?nde geben ein Fireface UFX zu kaufen wenn RME sich dazu entschlie?t auch das Fireface 800 in den Genuss des Update von TotalMix FX kommen zu lassen???
NA KLAR! Jede Menge neue verbesserte Features, bessere Preamps, digital kontrollierte Pres, usw. usw...

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Re: Totalmix (Effects) for Fireface 400 (Driver 2.83)

And by the way, I red in another thread about this topic that it is considered "too much work" to update the Totalmix Software for "older" products:

MC wrote:

This is a completely rewritten software, written directly for the Babyface. Therefore we will add a few updates to the old TotalMix over time, but not provide the new one for every old product (and that includes even reference products like the RayDAT or MADI cards). It's simply much too much work.

(It is written for Babyface but works also on Fireface UC which is supposed to be VERY similar to the FF400 except the connection)

Is Long-Term Support maybe "too much work"?

I agree with you if you say: "Hey, the old costumers doesn?t pay me the extra-work".
OK than why not pay for a total rebuilt update.
I?m sure ANY FF400-User or also a lot of FF800-Users wouldn?t doubt a second of paying 30? for a mayor upgrade of the Mixing-Software they use. At least not me. Much less work instead of selling "old" (and the FF400 for me isn?t by any mean too old to get the newest updates as I bought it about a month ago NEW) and to get a Fireface UC to be forced to use USB (as on a mobile computer many people already uses a lot of the USB-capacities with other hardware.)

As I?m sure it is not that much work to adopt the Totalmix-Software that it runs on FF400/800 (of course without the effects and EQ!) it would give a great feeling of customer-support and assurance that any time you could buy a RME-product and beeing sure to get the technical possible updates for your unit.

So my plea is: Write the new surface from Totalmix FX also for FF800 and FF400 and you will make a lot of people really happy. And happy customers -> loyal customers!

(to be honest, right now I?m thinking about selling my FF400 to get a used FF UC -> isn?t that weird?)

Re: Totalmix (Effects) for Fireface 400 (Driver 2.83)


I think it's not very nice for old customers to give us a No, Never... sad
At least for FF400, which is similar to the UC, customers don't understand (me first !).

I'm in for a participation fee.

You should open a poll to see the interest of customers.
You can even open a subscription by a Paypal button on the site if you don't want to risk to work for nothing.


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Re: Totalmix (Effects) for Fireface 400 (Driver 2.83)

This discussion leads nowhere and is therefore stopped here. Thanks.

Additionally the first post already included false information:

> I see that new driver 2.83 for fireface 400/800 has totalmix (effects) integrated, unfortunaly it's only for UC and Babyface.

This driver is for FireWire units (so not the UC and Babyface), and the TM FX included is for the new UFX.

Matthias Carstens