Topic: Fireface 400 problems with YAMAHA HS80M monitors


another problem with FF400...

After conecting HS80M via A 1-2... I got the problem with monitors.
In every musical programm or even winamp sound goes from the LEFT much louder and EQued than from the RIGHT.
I have tried changing cables and switching monitors... but still is the same problem... LEFT louder and RIGHT one is like 2-3DB in diffrence.

what this could be?? checked out RME mixing pult and both signals are equal... sad

Re: Fireface 400 problems with YAMAHA HS80M monitors


First try a reset of the FF Mixer - hold CTRL and click preset 1.

If this does not solve it, please check if the problem is really in the FF400. Connect analog cables in loop back configuration - Analog out 1 > Analog in 5, Analog out 2 > Analog in 6 - then check the mixer top row to see if you can notice a difference. Should be easiest to see a difference with a test tone.

If you see there is really a hardware problem at the jack, then the unit will require service.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.