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Topic: Constant overload on ADAT 3/4

No matter what is connected, or nothing connected to ADAT.
I get this constant overload and the channels sounds bad.


This started visually with firmware 112 and driver 0.960. Out of the box firmware and Totalmix didn't show this and I never listned to the channels before the firmware update.

Should be better if I change to firmware 111 and driver 0.938 maybe?

Windows 7 x64
Gigabyte EP45
Intel Q9550
Corsair 4GB
Saphire HD5870
Intel SSD
Logitech keyboard and mouse sharing USB.
Cakewalk UM3G MIDI interface sharing USB.

EDIT: Fireface UC


Re: Constant overload on ADAT 3/4

It might be necessary to reset the mixer: Options, Reset Mix, Straight Playback with all to Main Out.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Constant overload on ADAT 3/4

I tried to do a recording of it and now I dont even get bad sound only a little crackles.
The other ADAT-channels work fine.

I did the reset and nothing changes.

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Re: Constant overload on ADAT 3/4

It shows better visually.
To the left a recording on ADAT 3/4 and to the right ADAT 1/2. Same instrument Yamaha DX7 and same MIDI-sequence.


EDIT: Through SM Pro Q-ADAT, same thing with Alesis ADAT AI3. I can send audio to it from a Digiface also if you like, but I have to put in the PCI card first.

Re: Constant overload on ADAT 3/4

I installed 0.938 and it went away, installed 0.960 again and it stayed away.