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Fresh user of the Babyface and Totalmix. (Sorry about that)
All the connection with my DAW and Hardware are working fine, except for the Jack on the side (next to the headphone out).
I've searched trough the forums and it seems there is a "INST" option to check but I can't find it anywhere, here's my screen of total mix:

Totalmix Capture IMGUR

the "fus_usb" and latest driver have been installed, but something tells me I'm just being an idiot and missing something easier...

Any guidance much appreciated,

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Re: Babyface > can't find the "INST" in Totalmix

Ah on each fader there is the wrench graphic above the eq graphic on the right side below the trim fader. You click that to access FX sends, FX returns, phantom power 48v and on AN2 - inst for a guitar by clicking on appropriate graphic or moving the mouse while clicking on the circles and holding down the mouse button.

EQ is there also with the eq graphic to set for playback.

Start clicking with your left mouse button around.

It helps to read the manual perhaps also.

Re: Babyface > can't find the "INST" in Totalmix

It sure does help to read the manual, I did it twice,
Thank you for you answer,