Topic: CCs for Solo/Mute on Software Playback Channels

Is there a CC (or MIDI note) I can reference to control the Mute/Solo of specific channels (like ADAT1, etc) via a MIDI controller (X-Touch Mini)

I already use the X-Touch and X-Touch Mini to control the input channels, and selecting the Submix output channels, but I have need for one mute and one solo button to be used for software playback (soloing the playback of my DAW, muting the playback of my metronome)

I know they work with the control surface (banking down to them, etc) but I have a LOT of channels and it won't be worth it to bank to them to do this (would be faster to just pull up the window). Trying to get as much done with my controllers as possible and I have the free buttons on my X-Touch MINI.

I'm using:
(The software playback channels I want to map would be the UFX+'s ADAT software playback.)

Re: CCs for Solo/Mute on Software Playback Channels