Topic: Linking Fireface 800 to Symphony i/O by Adat.

    I have gone through some Old Postings on this Topic and was hoping you could direct me to the Video that you posted on this subject.I will post the Original Forum answer below,where you mention the Video.
Dave Nolan.

Re: Using Fireface 800 as ADAT with Apogee Symphony

Yes, the WC is required here. Once the setup works with the FW connection, you can save it for standalone operation. To get the signal where you want it, i.e. at the ADAT outputs, route signals from the analog inputs of your choice to the ADAT outputs in the FF mixer. The tutorial video I posted a link to will explain this. Once this works, and you see the input signal at the physical ADAT outputs in the FF mixer, the rest is a matter of the configuration of the Apogee and your audio software.

Daniel Fuchs

Re: Linking Fireface 800 to Symphony i/O by Adat.

You only need to copy paste the text from Daniel to google search. Then you find the thread on rme forum (here at 1st hit).
If you read the thread then you find out easily that Daniel refers to a video link that he posted earlier on this particular thread.
Here ... … 731#p86731
Wondering why you didn't find it on your own.

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