Topic: UFX into Babyface via ADAT - Totalmix help needed


Rented a UFX for a recording session yesterday. BTW – UNBELIEVABLE sound – just amazing! A big step up from the babyface too.


I could not figure out how to ‘see’ the UFX ADAT 2 outputs (using mics on channels 9-12) in Totalmix. I eventually just used the UFX direct to PC via USB, but I’d like to use the babyface to control the monitors and headphones.

Here’s what I tried:
-    Updated the UFX firmware and driver successfully, restarted etc
-    Syncing – successfully sync’ed UFX to Babyface at 16/48 (as shown in the babyface control panel)
-    Can see and hear UFX mix input on UFX front screen and through UFX headphone outputs
-    Tried resetting the matrix in Totalmix (for Babyface) and reactivating all the input and output – no luck
-    Tried ADAT output 1 AND 2

Is there something else I could do? I’ve read through the manual, but the sections on Totalmix in the UFX and Babyface manuals aren’t specific enough on that.

Please share your advice and thank you!


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Re: UFX into Babyface via ADAT - Totalmix help needed

Do you understand how to route signals in TM?  No offense intended, many new users have a hard time with this at first.   You should be able to route you signals in the UFX (e.g., mics 9/10 to ADAT OUT 1/2) and then save this routing as a preset to recall in standalone mode.