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First, absolutely loving everything about my ADI-2 DAC - the sound, the interface, the display, the manual and the continued support and updates on this forum!

I have one little feature request: It would be great to add an AUTO setting between OFF and ON for AutoDark Mode - one that turns off the lights after the usual AutoDark timeout when no signal is detected. I love the display while I'm playing music, but would also love if everything went dark when I wasn't.

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Good idea indeed! smile

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like a third option to AutoDark mode - AutoDark when idle. that is a very good idea!

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Great idea.

I was about to submit the same request, but then I found this 2-year-old thread.  Any chance of implementation?

Use Case:  RME ADI-2 DAC FS sits on my desk.  I often like to see the Line Out display when music is playing, but then want it to automatically go dark after music stops.  The time delay may need to be a few seconds longer than in current (firmware 34) AutoDark Mode ON state so that display does not blink between tracks.  Remote Button 3 / Dark helps, but gets tiresome.  It might change to cycling between between ON/AUTO/OFF, or maybe toggle ON/OFF vs toggle AUTO/OFF depending on setup.

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any news?

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+1 for same nice idea

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Isn't that a 1st-world problem at it's finest?
When one has finished listening and the music stops you will do something else anyway, is it really to much effort to switch on auto-dark on the go?
I ususally leave the"Setup" page set to "Display-->Auto-Dark" so I just press setup and adjust with encoder 2.
Mapped to a remote key it's even easier, I mean, really, what is tiresome about it?

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KSTR...Nice to see you here again.

Agreed!  When my Music Stops, and I'm finished for the day, I push one button.  Everything goes Dark! 

Automating that which should come naturally to the user seems like a complete waste of valuable engineering resources.

Being unwilling to reach for the On/Off Switch at Bed Time, is more a matter of Self-Motivation, rather than an engineering ticket.


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ADI-2 eats 12 W of power when idle.
Not to mention other stuff connected for music listening.

Boys - ever heard of “Save the Planet”?
Guess what - the Planet will still be there when mankind has died out!

Get yourself a switched power strip to completely disconnect mains power from ALL your system when not in use.

Use an energy monitor, a little inter-plug the tells the power consumption, as an eye opener how much energy can be wasted with all these standby / idle powered devices.
An energy-monitor cost $60 or less and is a great tool to decide where you can save.
I use the NZR Sem 16+, a precise tool, not a toy, with a resolution of 0.1 W: … B003X2JJHC

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Update:  Firmware Update ADI-2 DAC 66 / 47 and ADI-2 Pro 259 / 111 (12/23/2021) addresses this issue:
"Auto Standby. If this option is activated in the menu SETUP - Options - Device Mode (Pro) or SETUP - Options - SPDIF/DSD/Power (DAC), the unit monitors all outputs for audio. After 30 minutes without audio (defined as less than -70 dBFS) and user interaction the device enters standby mode."

@MC & RME Team:  Thanks for taking the high road.  Greatly appreciated.
30 minutes works for me, but adding options for 1hour, 2hours, and 3 hours in the next release would be really sweet for my desktop use case -
( … 11#p180111).

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Here's my "Auto Dark"...

A $10 Power Strip makes this engineering breakthrough a possibility!  Completely User Selectable.  Select off/on at any time of one's choosing via the Power Switching device. wink

If you're Saving the Planet, rejoice in knowing that my "Dark Mode", reduces energy consumption to 0w.

Best to all,


Vintage 2018 ADI-2 DAC. "Classic AKM4490 Edition"
Cables:  Red, and White Ones.
Speakers:  Yes