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First, absolutely loving everything about my ADI-2 DAC - the sound, the interface, the display, the manual and the continued support and updates on this forum!

I have one little feature request: It would be great to add an AUTO setting between OFF and ON for AutoDark Mode - one that turns off the lights after the usual AutoDark timeout when no signal is detected. I love the display while I'm playing music, but would also love if everything went dark when I wasn't.

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Good idea indeed! smile

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like a third option to AutoDark mode - AutoDark when idle. that is a very good idea!

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Great idea.

I was about to submit the same request, but then I found this 2-year-old thread.  Any chance of implementation?

Use Case:  RME ADI-2 DAC FS sits on my desk.  I often like to see the Line Out display when music is playing, but then want it to automatically go dark after music stops.  The time delay may need to be a few seconds longer than in current (firmware 34) AutoDark Mode ON state so that display does not blink between tracks.  Remote Button 3 / Dark helps, but gets tiresome.  It might change to cycling between between ON/AUTO/OFF, or maybe toggle ON/OFF vs toggle AUTO/OFF depending on setup.

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any news?

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+1 for same nice idea

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Isn't that a 1st-world problem at it's finest?
When one has finished listening and the music stops you will do something else anyway, is it really to much effort to switch on auto-dark on the go?
I ususally leave the"Setup" page set to "Display-->Auto-Dark" so I just press setup and adjust with encoder 2.
Mapped to a remote key it's even easier, I mean, really, what is tiresome about it?

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KSTR...Nice to see you here again.

Agreed!  When my Music Stops, and I'm finished for the day, I push one button.  Everything goes Dark! 

Automating that which should come naturally to the user seems like a complete waste of valuable engineering resources.

Being unwilling to reach for the On/Off Switch at Bed Time, is more a matter of Self-Motivation, rather than an engineering ticket.


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ADI-2 eats 12 W of power when idle.
Not to mention other stuff connected for music listening.

Boys - ever heard of “Save the Planet”?
Guess what - the Planet will still be there when mankind has died out!

Get yourself a switched power strip to completely disconnect mains power from ALL your system when not in use.

Use an energy monitor, a little inter-plug the tells the power consumption, as an eye opener how much energy can be wasted with all these standby / idle powered devices.
An energy-monitor cost $60 or less and is a great tool to decide where you can save.
I use the NZR Sem 16+, a precise tool, not a toy, with a resolution of 0.1 W: … B003X2JJHC