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Re: Why is it so hard to accept linux?

Especially as the two Major players (Microsoft and Apple) cause nothing but issues und Windows 7 support is about to be ceased. Besides Win10 privacy issues which is also RPITA.

As I mentioned Steinberg asked users what major points they want to have implemented and Linux support is under the top ten if I remember right.

With Linux you get also Real Time support into the standard kernel soon, should be very beneficial for audio.

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Re: Why is it so hard to accept linux?

+1 for linux support...

please RME can you make something in the same way nvidia have closed source drivers/software for linux.

For me that would be Ubuntu and HDSPe AIO


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Re: Why is it so hard to accept linux?

Linux Support for RME Hardware would be really great!

I use Windows 7 for DAW inkl. Plugins e.t.c., because it's realtime performance with 32Samples is clear better than from win10 1903.
For everything else (entertainment, office, ...) i use Linux. (what M$ did with win10 the last years is irresponsible.
If I do not need to use it, I do not use it).
And for small Audio Tasks (catching ideas, record/cut Audio e.t.c.) Bitwig... and u-He Plugins... do their Job in Linux just like that.
But i can't use my hardware-synths e.t.c. with the comfort i used from TotalMixFX e.t.c. with Linux.
I use the USB of my ADI2pro for Linux,
but would be great, if i could install my HDSPe MADI FX, and use it with TotalMixFX.

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